Large Prototype paintings 2018

(198cm X 167cm) sold separately are £3,500 + VAT and shipping. 

1. How many licks does it take to... 2. Not wanting to say anything about Piet 3. Spent Time, 4. Incoming... 5. ‘Wisemares…’ 6. ‘As far as longing can reach…’ 7. ‘Thank you life, for driving me to the threadbare cloak.’  (198cm X 167cm) sold separately are £3,500 + VAT and shipping.

Commissionables (see Galleries for images)

£2,500 + Vat and delivery
Paintings 1 - 7 (198cm x 167cm) as above, are open to commission. Commissions are based on these prototypes and the results are not intended to be copies but aim to be similar with respect to colour and gesture. 

I continue work to increase the number of prototypes so as to preserve my aim of showing a large group in a gallery installation where my interests in combinations and relationships can come into play. 

Although paintings are on sale as individual works, pairs, threesomes etc exhibited together make more sense.

There can be some flexibility as to size but the thickness of line and scale of gesture remains the same so this needs careful consideration. There is a £500 price reduction for scaled down versions.

Small paintings

Lethe 1 - 4  The River of Forgetfulness. Individual paintings 300 x 255mm, £310. For the series of 4 paintings, £1,000. 

Date paintings, £290 - £310

Prices for all other works on request.