On Malevich


After seeing the Malevich show at Tate Modern

August 2014

‘Additional elements*’ jostle out the friable norms of cultural achievements in a trajectory that leads to pure abstraction while the subplot intends a societal readjustment beyond its material bases to those of the abstract entities and soul bodies described by Madame Blavatsky and P D Ouspensky.  In the work of Malevich and others we have a revolution in the making very different from the Bolshevik one that dismantled Suprematist abstraction and its social implications. It should be remarked that Malevich’s writings only just made it to publication in Munich as Bauhaus Book No. 11 (The World as Non-objectivity, 1927) as he was uncompromisingly opposed to the inclusion of any utilitarian component in art while the Bauhaus considered such ingredients significant.  For Malevich thinking his way and advancing through Post-impressionism, Cubism and Futurism to the fully abstract achievement of Suprematism, each art stage also had a technological marker, which is a consequence of the culture’s inability, on the whole, to absorb the new state of realization. The Post-impressionist painter was still linked to the landscape and the technology of hay cart and plough and then with Cubism art advanced into the urban environment with the impure product (the utilitarian) developing as the factory and mass production.

As art adopted the additional element of Futurism the technological marker that was its default position became the express train and racing car hurtling to the fully Suprematist additional element whose pure expression of contextual space and instantaneous communication becomes at the lower utilitarian level the spacecraft and so, extrapolating, to digital, near instantaneous, communication and quantum computing as impure realizations of Malevich’s sputnik or vector in fourth and fifth dimensions transporting consciousness from one physical / mortal world to another spiritual / astral dimension. But technologies themselves are only impure patinas and clutter upon the true, ultimately mystical abstract forms of the universe: and these for Malevich were also about making a new society in time. Even though Malevich did not like the word mystical, he understood that life itself ‘does not want to live, it wants tranquility, not action but inaction.’ (World as Objectlessness p148)… And is a static anterior to the processions of evolution but It would be a society no majority in his or the present age would ever wish for – after all we run about trying to save endangered species and slow down global warming and so on – whereas if understood, it is more likely that Malevich’s society as it then was and indeed any other would hang him for his vision, without things and processes that merely exist. Nevertheless at this level Will works along the line of destiny and choices already made supplied the juggernaut long ago.

The first step was the removal of nature from art, and by implication the removal of the world of forms of ‘this and that’ from art (Sanskrit neti neti is an important resonance: see Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).  By extrapolation it is the realization that the removal of nature (also ref: Plato of course but many will invoke opposing nominalist arguments,) from the world is a necessary right of passage to a truly advanced civilization. But in the abstract or astral world of the new society civilization will have kept its genetic records of long extinct animals and plants and developed the ability to remake them. There needn’t be the fear that civilization could become stuck at the level of moving from planet to planet while wasting one after another by overpopulating and polluting them, because a developed civilization will get beyond this through ‘additional elements’ that make any number of pristine new planets, utilizing methods far beyond currently imaginable terra forming, while dissolving or disappearing (see Scientology As-is ref: Axiom 11.  For a starting point) its waste products without need for re-cycling, as such.

Notions of 3D printing new planets and copying them any number of times, may ultimately be archaic technologies when the ability to make space itself becomes part of the picture and so called printing technology operates at 5 or higher dimensions.

Digital and quantum additional elements in culture along with bio-medical additional elements including the human genome, no doubt deployed by fulfilled forms of so-called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ will jostle out their own norms as approximations of the genuine Suprematist culture that, for example, pass beyond the need for a human form itself as humanity expresses itself more abstractly through further additional elements that realize total, human, genetic material as infinitely, combinable tools and advance socially and artistically to the genuine Suprematist, abstraction; culturally realized as the single background material of the universe (and abstraction) as opposed to divided elements by  which any vector of energy or medium of creativity is directly realizable as states of being that have no need for technological or material existence and thus synthesize theosophical formulations.

But at each stage degraded, impure, though ascending towards purity technologies come to be. Thus spatially the prospect of infinite geographical spaces within the single space of planet earth as the direct copying of Space-itself -technologies, develop from the manufacture of space to fruition thus encouraging an infinitely expanding population that nevertheless manifests alongside the development of human entities that no longer require mortal or material existence except as tools or for games or purely aesthetic purposes. Thus bodies or human DNA tools are stored for particular times or uses without necessary lived existences or stored for life, at future dates or centuries, even though the spatial setup was designed for an infinite population thus allowing the new additional element to retain and develop retro-additional elements purely for fun and art as humanity develops beyond the primitive state of fully culturated, infinitely, travelled, universes, which progress to become just the detail in twinklings of the eye of superior realizable states of Being as exponential curves become the norm of  all endeavors from atoms to growth of civilizations and universes that themselves take next to no time to bring to fulfillment in any number.